Biohazard Cleanup

After we have removed an animal from a customers home the very next question we commonly get asked is “What can you do about that awful smell that is left behind?” A quality site inspection and removal of the nuisance animal is only the first stage of the job. In order for us to complete the job, repairs have to be made. In most cases, this means cleaning up the mess the animals left behind. When wild animals invade your home, they also use it as their latrine. Wildlife droppings, urine, oils, hair, parasites and other residues are considered biohazard waste. These wastes not only make your home smell bad, but they can also pose a serious health risk for your family. The amount of time the animal has “overstayed” its welcome will determine how bad the mess is. Even short term invasions can leave behind a serious mess.

Weaver’s Wildlife Control offers complete animal damage cleanup, decontamination, and sanitizing services. This includes removal and replacement of all contaminated insulation. Insulation removal and replacement is a very common service that we offer to our customers that have had an animal in the attic area of their home. Insulation becomes contaminated with urine and fecal matter from animals that have made their way into the attic area of your home from an outside source such as an open vent or possibly a hole that has been chewed into your roof by an animal. Animals that cause the greatest damage to your attic are squirrels, bats, raccoons, and nuisance birds. Attic refurbishment can be expensive, the process involves the removal of fecal contaminated insulation. This includes both types of insulation, rolled and blown in. Weaver’s Wildlife Control is a professional insulation removal contractor and we have been providing this service to our customers for many years along with our wildlife removal services. We have insulation vacuum equipment that is needed to perform the job properly. You should never under any circumstances allow an insulation removal company bring contaminated insulation through your home, the only acceptable way is to remove the contaminates through one of the roof vents or gable vents. This keeps all contaminated materials away from your living areas.

Damage Restoration Insurance Claims

Most reputable insurance companies will cover the costs associated with attic restoration resulting from wildlife damage. Problems related to bats and raccoons are almost always covered, however problems with nuisance birds, squirrels, mice, rats, and other members of the rodent family are almost never covered. When filing insurance claims, you need to have all your documentation in order and estimates should be filled out correctly. Weaver’s Wildlife Control offers a service where we handle the claim for you, all you do is file the initial claim with your insurance company and we will handle the rest.

If you have animals in your attic then you also have their fecal matter, urine, and any parasites that comes with them. We offer full service biohazard cleanup and disposal. The most common problems we address are cleanup after heavy rat and mice infestations, pigeon droppings, removal of all accessible debris and fecal matter, removal of urine-soaked insulation, complete decontamination treatment to kill bacteria, and complete deodorizing treatment to remove all odors. Weaver’s Wildlife Control is ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound solutions are employed.

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